B-26C "Invader"

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B-26C Invader

The A-26 was built to be an attack bomber and entered service in 1944. It was designed to strike from low altitude with gunfire and bombs and depart the target area before the enemy responded. In World War II, it served in the European and Pacific theaters, cutting supply lines, communication networks, land and sea convoys, disrupting troops and armor movements. Designated the B-26 in 1948, it flew approximately 12,000 combat missions in Korea. It dropped the last bomb of that war thirty minutes before the ceasefire. The B-26 was well over 20 years old when it entered combat in Vietnam. The B-26K (a modified B-26B) was effectively used in the hunter-killer missions against troop and supply convoys, patrolled the Ho Chi Minh Trail on night missions, and assisted in rescue missions for downed aircrew. As of the early 1980s, the B-26 was still flying. Central American air forces continue to use the B-26 as do civilian aviation companies which have converted many surplus aircraft into luxurious, high-speed transports. The B-26 Invader is considered to be the fastest, most versatile, and long-lived piston-engine bomber in the world.


Manufacturer: Douglas
Wing Span: 70′
Length: 51′ 3″
Height: 18′ 3″
Empty Weight: 22,850 lbs
Quantity Produced (All Models): 2,500
Speed: 373 mph
Range: 1,400 miles
Altitude: >22,100 ft
Power Plant: Two 2,000 horsepower R-2800-27 or -79 radials
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