C-45 "Expeditor"

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C-45 Expeditor

In 1940, the Beech Aircraft Corporation began building variations of the commercial transport, D-18S (C-45) for the Army Air Force. Continued production in 1941, resulting in interior modifications, brought about the C-45A and C-45B. The standard version was the “F” model. However, all models were amended to the “UC” category in January 1943. At this same time, the C-45 acquired the popular name, “Expeditor.” AT-7’s (Model 18S) were equipped for electronic communications and given the nomenclature UC-45C and D. The AT-7B’s were amended to UC45E’s. Most of the AT-7 versions of the C-45 were equipped for navigation training; some others for float planes. An AT-11 version of Model 18S was developed from the AT-7 for bombing and gunnery. A few AT-11’s were modified for navigation training. The final variants of Beech Model 18S were photographic aircraft (F-2 and F-2A) and the “Director” aircraft, used for radio-controlled targets (CQ-3). When U.S. Air Force aircraft were redesignated in 1948, the AT-7, AT-7C, and AT-11 became T-7, T-7C, and T-11, respectively; F-2A’s and F-2B’s became RC-45A’s; CQ-3’s became DC-45F’s. The suitability of Model 18S as a light personnel transport led to the renovation of Expeditors that survived World War II. C-15F’s, T-7’s, T-11’s, and RC-45A’s were remanufactured with new serial numbers and were designated C-45G, TC-45G, and C-45H. The suffix “J” added to the nomenclature of this aircraft (UC-45J) indicates special features: extended avionics nose and aerodynamic changes to the exhaust system.

This UC-45J (s/n 42-9637) represents the “H” model used only by the Air Force in 1954. It was acquired from the U.S. Army, New Cumberland Depot, Pennsylvania, on 14 April 1972.


Manufacturer: Beech
Wing Span: 47 ft 7 in
Length: 33 ft 11 1/2 in
Height: 9 ft 2 1/2 in
Empty Weight: 5,770 lbs
Quantity Produced: 60,191
Speed: 230 mph
Range: 1,125 miles
Altitude: 20,000 feet
Power Plant: Pratt & Whitney, R-985-AN-14B
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